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About us

One Life Charity is an officially registered charity which is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The charter of the charity states that the charity’s aims are:

  • To support the cure and recovery of children suffering from life-shortening and life-threatening diseases.
  • To support the families of children suffering from life-shortening and life-threatening diseases.
  • To heighten the awareness, within Bulgaria, of the need for such organisations.


OneLifeLogoThe charity was established in September 2004 by a group of 9 Bulgarians and ex-patriates who realised that there was a definite need to help those children of Bulgaria who are most in need, and who simply cannot help themselves. The decision to help children suffering from life-threatening and life-shortening diseases was taken because they tend to be the ones who are hidden from public view, or are denied as existing in some cases.

Naturally, the charity then needed a particular hospital to concentrate on. The National Hospital for Infectious Diseases, based in Sofia, was chosen as this most closely fit the charter.

Following initial visits to gauge the needs of the hospital and its patients, the charity then had to find a way of generating interest and funds. The very first event held in aid of the charity and the hospital was a bicycle ride from Plovdiv to Sofia, a distance of approximately 160 kms. Some 100 riders took part and the ball was rolling.

It was then a case of keeping the momentum going, and keeping people interested in supporting the charity. The fact that Bulgaria is one of the poorest countries in Europe, dictates that charity really does begin at home for many of the Bulgarian nationals and, therefore, it is difficult to generate funds as easily as one can in the UK, or other affluent countries, for instance. Because of that fact we are dependent on the richer elements of Bulgarian society, the Diplomatic, ex-patriate and business communities.

Management Committee

Chairman: Slavi Christov

Members of the Management Committee: James Flint, Laura Thomas, Johnathan Parker, Carl Smith


One Life Bulgaria Charity is Bulgarian NGO registered in accordance with the Law for Charitable Organisations Act in Sofia City Court, File No. 13378/2004, BULSTAT 131359582